Couples: please enlist separately as two individuals

Are you sure you think you would be a outstanding male performer? We know a lot of guys dream about this kind of jobs, but we don't sell dreams, we have to run a business....

So, if you say yes here, you state that you are above average handsome, muscular and hung and you know you will be able to perform with 6-10 non-performing people on set, while being under stress and full light?

If not sure, please DO NOT continue!

Street address, P.O. box, company name, c/o


State / Province / Region

Postal / Zip Code


What is the length of your dick (be accurate!) in cm

Less then 16 cm it's needless to respond... Sorry!

What is the diameter of your dick (be accurate!) in cm

Choose the body type that best fits you

Find it difficult to choose? Ask 2 of your BFF's :)

Describe the length of your hair

Do you have tattoos and if so, how many and where?

Do you have piercings and if so, how many and where?

(more then 3 professional participants -mostly males-)

(more then 5 professional participants -mostly males-)

(anal and vaginal at the same time)

Cum (tongue) kiss with other actor/actrice

Rough/forced deepthroat

Licking ass of other performer

Getting ass licked by other performer

Please elaborate on your experience as a BDSM Dominant and/or Switch and/or submissive. Please be accurate and honest, so we can correctly assess the appropriate risks

Describe what you want to do and don't want to do

If you want describe one of you most desired fantasies (optional). Perhaps we can fulfill your fantasy with our scenarios

We need a photo of your dick in erect state. Please provide us with good photo's as this is your most important asset as a male performer

Since all shoots are conducted without the use of condoms, all participants (all professional actors and actrices) must be tested frequently.

If you are not recently tested, please start making an appointment with your healthcare provider to prevent delay in planning a first shoot/audition.

(Please note: if yes, that will considerably reduces potential assignments)

If you prefer to have content released in all but your home-country, please let us know.

Please note that we can not guarantee for 100%, that content will not become available in the excluded area's. But we will take you as model in consideration only for productions that target primarily on the included areas

As your enlistment is considered sensitive personal data, under the European GDPR, you entitle us to receive, use and process your personal information. We will NOT share, sell or distribute your data, without your consent. You will have the right to review your file and request your information to be deleted.

Please sign digitally if all information entered is correct, model is older than the legal age of 18 years old and model wishes to enlist.